Friday, 20 March 2009

Joy Division - Ajanta Derby - 19 Apr 1980 - flac

"The Ajanta concert was opened by XL5. After a long set, Joy Division went on to jam with Section 25, the jam being based on the Section 25 single FAC 18: Girls Don't Count, which had been produced by Ian Curtis and Rob Gretton. Ian's health was apparently not very good during this period and, as one observer at Derby recalled, "Ian Curtis was very distraught and kept sighing and kept having short blackouts""

Songs performed:
1. Dead Souls
2. Wilderness
3. Digital
4. Insight
5. Passover
6. Heart And Soul
7. Isolation
8. These Days
9. Transmission
10 She's Lost Control
11 Colony

Parts: one, two


  1. Found your blog last night and I've just now finished raiding your flacs - thank you for these.
    One thing, however, is lossy sourced/MPEG.

  2. Thanks - do you have a better one?

  3. No, sorry. But, I notice that you don't have Paradiso Club, Amsterdam, Netherlands, January 11, 1980 listed - if you need it (lossless, but without lineage) it can be found over at

  4. Streuth, I remember being at this gig, but I can barely remember any details about the night. Just three days before my 17th birthday, and was only a couple of weeks after The Cramps were at the Ajanta. Halcyon days.

  5. Care to write a review? Would be delighted to post it!