Sunday, 3 May 2009


Dear visitors
As you may have noticed, the stock of Joy Division bootlegs and non-copyright video is almost exhausted. What remain are numerous New Order bootlegs from 1981 and later. However, this blogger's interest in New Order wanes with each new song they wrote...
If you wish, I would comtinue uploading other interesting material from the period until the R*pidshare account limit is reached (said to be 500Gb).

Liebe Besucher,
wie Ihr wohl bemerkt haben müsst, ist das "Sortiment" von Joy Division Konzerten und Videos beinahe aufgebraucht. Was noch bleibt, sind jede Menge Konzerte von New Order aus 1981 und später. Für die Zeit danach, also insbesondere ab "Blue Monday", schwindet allerdings das Interesse dieses Bloggers.
Wenn Ihr wollt, so würde ich noch einige Bootlegs von anderen Gruppen aus jener Zeit hochladen. Bis die vermutete Grenze bei R*pidshare-Konten von 500Gb erreicht ist.

Дорогие посетители, 
как Вы наверное уже воспринимали, остальных "свежих" концертов группы Джоя Дивизайон у меня практически нет. То, что остается, это еще несколько концертов группы Нью Ордер из 1981 и позже. На время после этого, итак, особенно с песни "Blue Monday", исчезает интерес этого блоггера. 
Если есть интерес, то я загружал бы еще несколько концертов и клипов от других групп того времени. До тех пор, пока предположенная граница счета R*pidshare не достигнута 500Gb.


  1. I agree with your sentiments towards New Order. I am interested in seeing what other treasures you have in store for us!

  2. great site keep up the good work , Joy Divison & new order

  3. I agree with your sentiments towards New Order. I am interested in seeing what other treasures you have in store for us!Great site keep up the good work , Joy Divison & new order. Please keep going on...


  4. Man, if the rest you have is as thorough as what you've posted so far, please keep going ! Cheers !

  5. I have to admit that I'm more New Order than Joy Division but am just grateful you've posted this much! I'd really love to hear the live version of Skullcrusher if you have it - now that would be a real treat. Otherwise, keep up the great work.

  6. I'm a JD fan. but I also like the early New Order stuff up to 1982/1983. Can anyone recommend an ealry concert from NO that has good sound quality? The concerts I've heard have worse sound quality than JD!

  7. Hi Shindo, try this one:

  8. Renko, you are beyond awesome for posting all of these (forced me to get a Rapidshare account, lol).

    Any chance you have New Order's 1983 gig at The Florentine Gardens, Hollywood California June 21st in your arsenal? (I attended this gig as well as the one two nights later at Billy Barty's Roller Fantasy in Fullerton, which I have in FLAC already)

    Much thanks for all of your posts.

  9. Hello Anon, unfortunately I don't have that New Order concert. Sorry!
    I just quickly checked on a p2p platform, and there is no sign of it. Must be highly rare!
    Thx, Renko

  10. Hello. Somewhere you listed a JD concert here as being the best unreleased sound quality of their live shows. Which one was it? I can not find the comment again.


  11. Please please keep posting!

  12. Only just discovered your site &, as a LONG term JD/NO fan (since 1981), I've got to say that you've posted some terrific stuff. Many, many thanks... x

  13. This is great - there seemed to be alot of JD on the net but mainly mp3. You mention running out of stuff to post - how about the mp3 posts in flac - whilst we wait for future lost treasures to find their way out in the open?

    Thanks for all this, it's great (I wish as good a quality blogs as yours existed for Marillion, Nephilim and Jef Buc kley (for the latter there was one but the netpolice got to him, snif, snif (hence the wonky spelling, just in case!))

  14. You have a wonderful site here. I've enjoyed it immensely.

    If this post stood as a call for requests, and if you're by chance still taking them, I can only say: more Cab Voltaire would be beyond fantastic.

    Either way, this has been a great trip! Thanks again!

  15. Great, great stuff. Thanks so much. I will note that the New Order sweet spot for me was 1983-1993.