Monday, 4 May 2009

Siouxsie - London - 26 Mar 1977 - 128kb

Early concert from Siouxsie and the Banshees at the Roxy Theatre, London.

Crappy recording, but what would you expect in 1977 from an unknown group?

Still, for a gem like Love in a Void we accept any quality...

Link: here

p.s. Actually I was thinking of adding a gig by The Cure. They did a fairly neat concert in Metz back in 1981, although Robert Smith tries to spoil it with his rather self-pitying song intros.

But somehow, I could not bring myself to do it. It just felt like "polluting" the other music here.

Perhaps because "Smiffy", who is said to have been "greatly influenced" by a certain I. Curtis (maybe it is not really kosher to be influenced by ones rivals?), went on to, shall we say, "lesser things"?

Somehow, I just can't imagine Joy Division's lead singer ever having come up with something as purile as "Happy the Man"?!?

Or perhaps because he got married all in black, tails and all...except for laceless white baseball boots? Kind of undeniably nerdy...

Ah well, who are we to criticise?

Siouxsie and the Banshees were a group I liked at a distance in the 1980's, and like in the same limited manner today. "Rien ne change"... the limitation on the like is the same; no more, no less...

JD were a group I adored back then, and rediscovered in 2006 with the advent of digitalisation and bootleg availability via file sharing. Their music seems remarkably unchanged, just as powerful (live) and wondrous (studio), even if Mr. Curtis's conduct looks rather less "cool", or even honourable, with hindsight (abandoning a baby without guaranteeing its financial survival would be damning in many cultures on our planet).

But The Cure have continued, yet their early music just seems compromised. I mean, who could possibly have come up with something like "Happy the Man"?

OK, as I have probably rubbed any Cure fans up the wrong way, here's the concert...kind of rather wonderful really -  if only it hadn't been for "Happy the Man"...

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  1. Danke für das Siouxsie Bootleg.
    Das hat mir noch in meiner Sammlung gefehlt (habe ebenfalls einen Siouxsie Gig aus dem Vortex von September/Juli 1977 geposted, allerdings mit einer anderen Tracklist.

    Ich finde die New Wave der späten 70er und frühen 80er ziemlich interesant und habe hier genau den richtigen blog dafür gefunden :)