Sunday, 11 October 2009

New Order - 1981 - Scandinavia Outtakes - flac

1. Stockholm Soundcheck
2. Stockholm EGG
3. Gothenburg Soundcheck

Part: one, two


  1. great blog... can u pls post some

    new order 84-87 era bootlegs?

    do you have their last gig on hammerstein on video?

  2. Renko,

    great site mate,where did you get some of these gigs from?


    Ha ha,how can i get in touch with you mate?

    Send me a mail
    Thx, Renko

  4. Hmm...seems I don't know how to delete postings:(
    You should be able to mail me by clicking the icon next to each concert I have posted.

  5. Hi there, first of all.. I wanted to thank you for sharing those bootlegs on your blog..

    Its the best blog that I've been visiting often...

    I already have a few 86 era bootlegs and I'm looking for something that I may not
    have yet... so if you can just list some of what you have... I'll go thru it if you dont mind...

    Also, a long lost friend have sent me the 2005 Hammerstein NYC dvd and 2006 Buenos Aires that were professionally filmed... however those discs detoriated and had
    errors.... I'm not able to play them anymore...

    Do you happen to have a copy of those on dvd you can share? or maybe you can upload an AVI file
    of the footage?

    please let me know and thanks in advance..

  6. I tried to email you but it bounced.

    maybe you can just reply here.. thanks

  7. Hello, you can mail me here:
    Some of the Buenos Aires concert from 2006 is included in the posting I have just added, see above.
    I have 10 concerts from 1986. What have you got?
    Thx for visiting:-)