Wednesday, 25 November 2009

New Order - Video Haçienda - 7 Oct 1986 - 707mb

Just-downloaded video reduced from immense DVD proportions to a more manageable size.

Video quality pretty dire...

Until something in better quality comes along, it will have to do!

Parts: Contact me


  1. I visit your blog everyday multiple times..

    Thanks for this! Please see if you can find the Hacienda from 87. That's a closer footage I think and the circulated one came with soundchecks. Nice stuff. Thanks again

    Please post more NO vids if you can from 85-87
    (not the official ones).

  2. It´s a great blog, again.
    I have already talk with mr. Peter Hook,in Ibiza, 2008, at San Antonio Bay; unfortunely I couldn´t get a autograph from him. We talked two times, but was few minutes. It´s sad that New Order have splited.

  3. Same here! Would like to see Hacienda 87
    or Glastonbury 87 if you can find it


  4. This is interesting songs live show,Many peoples are fond of this types of songs.

  5. please give me link