Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Joy Division - Futurama Leeds - 8 Sep 1979 - flac

Posted earlier in dead mp3 format, this lossless version is louder and a lot clearer.

Cool concert!

Parts: one, two


  1. request for New Order Live Glasgow 1985 broadcast. its a great but ive only got 2 tracks from it. please help, merry xmas

  2. Error.. This is 8 September 1979!

  3. At 15 years of age, I told my parents I was going on a school trip and bought a ticket for the Futurama event, mainly because PIL were on. I'd heard of Joy Division, the had NME reported on a dark and intense band. I just remember the intensity, the brooding excitement and that unique sound. I bought the album as soon as I could and was in for another shock when I heard the production. It was like someone staring desperation in the face and making music from the experience. No other gig or album has ever had that effect on me and I can taste that depth of feeling when I think of it. The most important UK band of any era.