Sunday, 7 March 2010

Computer, Top Ten, Birthday etc.

Dear visitors

Owing to problems with the computer (hardware and software issues), I am unable to access the music I usually upload to this blog.

I hope to have the problems solved in the next few days.

If any good can come out of the matter, then the strong recommendation to all computer users to clean the inside of their machines occasionally...especially the fans.

Unnoticed by me and you, the blog has turned one year old...

For statistics fans, these are the ten most downloaded files I have posted:

1. John Savage Tape            
2. NO Western Works Demo
3. JD Bournemouth 1979     
4. NO Blackpool 1980        
5. NO Rochdale 1980          
6. NO Hamburg 1981         
7. NO Heaven 1981  
8. JD Band on the Wall      
9. JD Birmingham 1980      
10 NO Retford 1981

It should be pointed out that the JD concert in Bournemouth and the NO concert at Heaven were posted rather later, and probably will soon be the most popular, assuming the blog does not get chopped...

Best wishes!


  1. Why should the blog get chopped - I hope not I was able to get alot of good quality boots from you not so much NO but JD. Happy belated birthday then - already a year!

  2. There are stories around of music blogs being deleted without warning because of the material hosted. So best to download everything while it is there, ya never know what tomorrow will bring...:)

  3. At the moment:
    The best new order's blog - 10 Oscars' nominations for 2011...

  4. Thank you - very kind of you to say so:)