Friday, 21 January 2011

New Order - Barçelona - 7 Jul 1984

Huge flac file weighing in at over 400 megabytes...I added a smaller vbr mp3 for those who prefer...

Sound quality excellent ++

01 Your Silent Face
02 The Village
03 Ceremony *removed on Retro boxset*
04 Skullcrusher
05 We All Stand
06 Lonesome Tonight
07 Confusion
08 Hurt
09 Age Of Consent
10 Blue Monday
11 Everything's Gone Green
12 Temptation

flac: here
mp3 @ vbr: here (116mb)
YT: here
Other slightly inferior recording: here


  1. Excelent!!
    I will throw away any mp3 copies of this that i have, thanks for posting in FLAC!

  2. This gets my vote for the unofficial New Order live album.

    Excellent--even in MP3. Thank you!

  3. Aye, I agree with the above comment, my favourite NO bootleg is this. Mind you, I would say that when my main criteria when deciding whether or not to download a gig is if Lonesome Tonight is in the setlist. Please post any more versions of that track you have- I have yet to here any where Bernard gets the lyrics in the first verse right, but they all still sound beautiful.

  4. All the songs they are playing in the still photos above are on YouTube. The version of "Hurt" is particularly astounding. Truly on top of their live game at this particular juncture.

  5. The "Slightly inferior recording" is actually a separate audience version...which is missing the start of Hurt and has the end of Age Of Consent cut...similar to mine, but a different digitization of an Nth gen tape.

    Otherwise the VBR MP3 and FLAC versions are the same as the fixed verison drewc seeded to STG back in 2004-06-14 to fix his original 2004-05-15's been reseeded a few times since then.

  6. To be clear, that's also one of the leaked soundboard recordings that showed up a couple of years prior.