Friday, 4 February 2011

New Order - Slough - 7 Dec 1985 - flac/vbr

New Order now in pop mode with top-modern synths.

Rather interesting to listen to the first seconds of Blue Monday, as the killer bass of Peter Hook, familiar to Joy Division fans, meets the brand new synth of a new age...

Sound quality is staggering - almost like listening to a studio album. How technology moves on.....

  1. State Of The Nation
  2. Blue Monday
  3. The Village
  4. Sub-Culture
  5. This Time Of Night
  6. Thieves Like Us
  7. Confusion
  8. Weirdo
  9. Ceremony
  10. Temptation
  11. She's Lost Control
  12. The Perfect Kiss

flac: onetwothree (560mb)
vbr: here (120mb)


  1. Vbr link not working -thanks jonno

  2. Thanks for the post - I don't suppose anyone's come across Quando Quango's set on their travels?

  3. just a small correction - track 4 is this time of night, not sub-culture - which is track number 5. this upload is simply outstanding, i cannot thank you enough for uploading it.

  4. amazing, not been on the blog in a while.
    can anyone share the glasgow barrowlands gig? as broadcast on bbc 85' era

  5. Hi
    If you want Quando Quango:

  6. By far my favorite New Order gig, and a great recording. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Holy crap! This should be an official release, it's that good. Thanks.

  8. It was much better than the previous nights gig at the Central London Poly. That was filmed by the band but I've never seen it.

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  10. Never seen the poster, good discovery!

    Seeded by "drewc" to STG, 2004-05-30, with SBE fixes 2004-06-20, think this is probably the fixed version. Of course, this is one of the leaked soundboards that surfaced a couple years prior to them being publicly torrented. VBR MP3 and FLAC version are identical.

    (the previous post was removed as I was just missing a bit of text, don't worry, the suits aren't trying to shut me up...yet)