Friday, 18 November 2011

New Order - Paris - 13 May 1981 - flac

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  1. New Order - Palais Des Arts Paris - 13 May 1981

    Master Recording

    Recorded by Duncan with Sony TCS-310 -TDK AD C90

    Nakamichi CR-3E - Sound Device 722 @ 16/41000 Firewire to MacBook pro - Normalise & Track Split in Bias Peak Pro 5.2 - Flac 8 (xAct)

    First gig of they're first tour of Europe
    I travelled to Paris separate to the band and had a worrying wait at the venue for the band to show.
    I don't remember how tight it was but it was no more than an hour before doors when they got there.
    Hence no sound check.
    Had a good time in Paris, we took in an ACR gig at the venue JD played the year before and then we went to see Spandau Ballet at a poncy venue.
    It might surprise you to hear that Barney was completely rat-arsed and took a piss off the balcony over the Spandau fans below, much to Hooky's amusement/amazement.

    Things of note about the gig were the jam to start and the fact they played ten tunes compared to the normal 8 at gigs to this point

    Sound Check:
    There was no sound check as the band arrived late

    Instrumental Jam (soundcheck),
    Doubts Even Here,
    Dreams Never End,
    In A Lonely Place



    1. The opening jam is weirdly fascinating, as is the crazy ending of Denial. You can hear them re-tuning between songs.

      Its strangeness makes it fun. Thank you.

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