Sunday, 11 December 2011


Dear visitors

Somebody has posted a request about the sound quality of the posted Osaka concert from New Order.

I wonder if one of those who have downloaded it would mind providing an answer? (I have only limited access ti material at present due to moving house).

For the bigger concerts (FLAC), would it be a good idea if I make a sample available so people can then decide if they want it or not? Funny that such an idea takes three years to come to mind...

Have a nice Sunday


  1. I've answered, FWIW.

    As to the sample suggestion, I guess that's a good idea because, unlike torrent where you can download a single track if you want a sample, you have to download the whole archive to check it out. But personally, I tend to just download anyway.

  2. Johnny 23 says
    "I downloaded Osaka and it sounds fine to me,after all it is a bootleg !!!
    Do People expect crystal clear audience recordings "!!!

  3. what do people want for fuck all?
    itll only waste an hour of pc time to download a flac, even on my slow broadband, moaning twats

  4. yes, sample would be great. Thanks for considering the option. Very appreciative of all of you.

  5. I'm not sure why some people expect the quality of some bootlegs to be crystal clear.

    I also read the comments if I'm not sure about a particular recording.

    I tend to just download the FLAC version anyway (where available) and listen to it, however a sample should sort the whingers out.

    Another option might be some kind of rating system (if possible/available).

    By the way, thanks for sharing all the recordings - they are truly appreciated (especially some of the videos you've posted up in the past).