Thursday, 2 February 2012

Blog & Rapidshare

Many thanks to the person who made the offer to contribute towards the cost of the rapidshare account - that was rather a surprise.

After consideration, I would not want to have contributions to PayPal - it was never an intention to make money out of what is for free - bootleg concerts. In all honesty, I doubt that in three years or so the account has cost me more than a couple of hundred euros.

Should you wish to support the rapidshare account, on the other hand, then this would of course be a direct contribution not to me, but the blog, and at present rather welcome.

I have added the details how to do so in the right hand column.

Naturally, the best contribution of all is musical - the many concerts here are proof of that. None of them started their life in my possession, after all...


  1. Mr. Joy Division's blogger
    Peter Hook and The Light - Shadowplay Festival, Xpo, Kortrijk, Belgium - 24.07.2011 (Flac),here:
    Rapidshare is very slow ...megaupload is kaputt ...

    1. Just to say thanks for all the gigs you uploaded!!

      There's some new great stuff on the net:

      1) The soundcheck of the last JD gig with better quality:
      (thx Darkman)

      And some Warsaw Rehearsals (some are the same of the Leaders Of Men CD but with better quality -- more bass; there's an instrumental version of Shadowplay)

  2. exist cleaner version of concert 28 sep 79:

    but in ogg 128kbps

  3. You can download a new order's bootleg here :
    ( New Order – Live At The London Troxy (2011) )