Monday, 18 February 2013

New Order - Derby - 3 Mar 1982 - flac

Many thanks to Adam for sharing this concert.
Could the first downloader comment on the quality?

  • Ultraviolence (live debut)
  • Denial
  • Ceremony
  • In A Lonely Place
  • Hurt (referred to as ‘Cramp’ at the time)
  • Procession
  • Dreams Never End
  • Temptation

  • "Derby Blue Note, 03 March 1982 was the first time I saw New Order live, and my first ever hearing of the soon-to-be-released new single, 'Temptation'. This night also saw the live debut of ‘Ultraviolence’, although at the time this song remained strictly ‘untitled’ by the band, forcing the bootleggers to refer to the song as “Who Killed My Father” (Barney’s improvised opening lyrics on this version).

    I might be biased, but I think it’s fair to say that this gig must rate as one of New Order’s finest of all time; (well, at least from the ‘Movement’ era).  The Derby Blue Note was a small, very intimate venue, with a stage barely inches higher than the crowd area.  Indeed, during the third track (a storming version of Ceremony), the crowd’s wild ‘dancing’ accidentally unsettled some of the staging.  At the end of Ceremony (but before the fourth track, In A Lonely Place), you’ll hear one of the crew (Terry Mason?) shout: “Move back a bit – you’re pushing the stage forward.  Move back!  I don’t mind you hurting yourselves but don’t hurt the equipment”.  Classic!

    There was so much power in New Order’s performance on this night; (I really hope it comes across in the music files).  The gig was set around ‘club hours’ (9pm to 2am) and as remember it was well after midnight before the band took to the stage.  By this time, a highly charged and expectant crowd had created an electric atmosphere.  I made it right to the front and remember thinking I could almost touch Barney on the head when he knelt to play the guitar intro to Temptation. I don't think I've ever heard a live version of Temptation played better than that night, and Barney's incredibly moving guitar intro remains a spine tingling moment whenever I listen to the bootleg of this performance; (in true Paul Morley style, I was emotional to the point of tears, and proud of it!)."

    Link: here


    1. Hi thre,
      You asked about the quality of this show; well, it's very good. All instruments and voices can be heard. There is some crowd noise, but it doesn't interfere with the music.
      It's a great show and it sounds great!!!
      Every NO fan needs this one!!
      Thank you very much.

    2. That's what I get : Download not available
      File owner's public traffic exhausted. (da3c7b74)

      1. 'Free Users' (as opposed to 'Premium Users') of Rapidshare are limited to 1gig of file traffic per day. If you get the File owner's public traffic exhausted message, you'll just have to try again tomorrow.

    3. 'Free Users' (as opposed to 'Premium Users') of Rapidshare are limited to 1gig of file traffic per day. If you get the File owner's public traffic exhausted message, you'll just have to try again tomorrow.

    4. Sorry about the download restrictions. Not much one can do...

    5. Glad to have heard this, and in lossless format too. Quality is decent enough for the era and age of tape. Better than many I've heard.

    6. "Here are the young men" in the midst of transition. OMG this is a great show! A magnificent "Temptation". NO is tight and "smokin". If this is the raw recording, hopefully our friends at "A Means to an End" or the "Analog Loyalist" could work some magic with this material. (C'mon Hooky, stop harassing A. L. We've purchased Joy Division and NO releases over and over again during the past THIRTY YEARS. We're don't want to make a "pirate's" profit. We just love your music). zogaddams

    7. There's several different recordings of this which of which is none other than from Mani of the Stone Roses, as revealed in an interview with Marc Riley, where he stated that Hooky threated to strap him when he saw his recorder.

      Indeed, this one's quite decent, though the opening part of Ultraviolence seems to still have the recordist adjusting levels and such. This can be uniquely identified as it's the one that has the most audience chatter after Terry Mason's pronouncement after Ceremony. And unlike other versions, there's no edit/splice between DNE and Temptation.