Thursday, 21 February 2013

New Order - Reading - 30 Jun 1987 - flac

Link: here


  1. Hi
    Is possible to post RE:ORDER live from "tarquinlive"? They play New Order's covers

    Thank you.

  2. This was originally seeded to DIME by whiskybob on 2007-05-30. Here's the info file:

    New Order
    Reading University, Main Hall.
    Shinfield Rd, Reading, Berkshire

    Bit of a strange one this, didn't tape it myself as i knew
    the taper from my contacts working in the local record
    shop in town"Listen Records".
    The gig itself was the Reading Uni Rag Ball and as such there
    was a mixture of your hardcore N.O fans and the Tux & Ballgown
    brigade, i think this is reflected in the gig itself.
    I was getting to as many N.O gigs as i could during this period,
    i'd previously seen/taped them at Sheffield Roxy where the crowd was 100%
    N.O and the band seemed to recognise this.New Order gigs up
    north were generally a better deal, i still hate London gigs
    myself, too much posing not enough participation.

    The highlight of this performance is it's the first time they played
    1963, strangely enough the first time they played Reading University
    was also the first time they played an encore (with section 25).

    Anyhow, the taper was a guy known as Lazlo [*]
    recording equipment unknown
    Given to me as a 1st generation tape

    1st generation tape>Sony TC V901(HXPRO)Cassette deck>
    Magix Audio Lab@ 16 bit sample rate 44.1>wav>CDR>EAC(secure)>wav>flac

    After transfering from tape there was minimal editing/mastering
    except for track seperation, hiss reduction(minimal)


    Lets Go
    All Day Long
    Bizzare Love Triangle
    Angel Dust
    Face up
    Blue Monday
    Lonesome Tonight

    Do not convert to lossy

    Enjoy the music, share it and be cool - Whiskybob/Oddball

    [*] Subsequent research cast doubt that this was taped by Lazlo, as there's another recording known to be his that exists.