Sunday, 10 March 2013

The Wake - Edinburgh - 12 Apr 1983 - flac

Many thanks to Adam for sharing this concert.

Supporting New Order.

New Order concert: here

Link: here


  1. Thank you very much for this Wake concert!! New in my collection.

  2. Wow - it's not often that a little gem like this surfaces. Thanks very much. Keep them coming.

  3. THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!


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  5. This is a superb audience recording. If it weren't for the near audience
    clapping and chatter, it could pass as a soundboard recording.

    This betters my own tape to FLAC copy by a fair margin. I wonder if it's a
    malcolmb recording.

    I also have different version that's a lot more talky and hissy.

    In fact...the Wake compilation of BBC and live tracks that LTM put out in 2001
    (LTMCD 2334) called Assembly was originally going to feature this recording
    but they went with the Ayr Pavilion show from the day after instead
    (that's a soundboard recording)...the same eight tracks but played live
    in a different order that night)


    01 Host
    02 Recovery
    03 Uniform
    04 The Drill
    05 Heartburn
    06 Country Of The Blind
    07 Something Outside
    08 The Old Men