Saturday, 7 February 2009

Joy Division - Blackpool - 27 July 1979 - flac

Concert from summer 1979. Part of the "All God's Angels Beware" bootleg. Great quality bootleg!
The version of Atrocity Exhibition is powerful.

Link: here


  1. it seems that every lossless version of this show has only the last minute of "Dead Souls" at the beginning of this set. but i have an mp3 version of this show, sourced from a pro-duped cassette boot called "House Of Prayer" where "Dead Souls" is complete. unfortunately its only 128kbps. is this a different source, or did the cassette producers use an alternate source??? i havent yet compared the 2, so i dont personally know at this exact moment...

  2. i have the double lp "house of prayer" and the lp "live in blackpool 1979" and on both "dead souls" is incomplete. are you sure, that your version from dead souls really sources from blackpool?

  3. im gonna upload my mp3 of this shortly. i still havent compared the 2, but im sure you can

    here you go-

    im sure you can sort this out better than me