Wednesday, 11 February 2009

New Order - Scamps Blackpool - 5 Sep 1980 - 256kb

Earliest recorded New Order concert, loud and raw!

Link: here


  1. Amazing! I was prompted to look for this tape today and couldn't find it - probably wiped it years ago. And now a random google search brings it on a Swiss blog.

    The source says it's from Larry, but I dunno. If Larry had a tape it'd more likely have been done from the desk. Whereas judging by the sound, I think it's my original, made standing in the audience with a crappy portable tape recorder.

    Thanks anyway. I still have Retford Porterhouse 2.1.81 if you'd like a copy of that? :)

  2. ok, then :)
    email me here:

  3. or not, if you don't want :|