Monday, 30 March 2009

Joy Division - The Drone - 1979 - flac

Track from the audio bootleg, HATYM.
Bought the video for a whopping 17.95 pounds back in 1984.

Even today, the "dance" in the first clip from Manchester is truly disturbing.

But the culmination of the video, with the legendary "drone", marks for me their live pinnacle.

Slowed down, much louder version: whack up the volume all the way and enjoy.....

Link: here


  1. "I Remember Nothing," Manchester, 10/28/79.

  2. Hello, the song comes from the video "Here are the Young Men", but this particular version came off an audio bootleg of the same name. This version plays more slowly and has more bass, it I couldn't resist making it louder...

  3. WOW, THIS IS ONE OF THERE BEST SONGS. any better eleases? non live?