Thursday, 12 March 2009

Joy Division - Malvern - 5 April 1980 - flac

"I met the band backstage. They were all very polite and friendly, apart from Hooky, who was being an arse. The rest of the band were sat talking, along with members of the support act, Section 25 and a couple of people I didn't recognise. Ian was sat on his own. He seemed in good spirits, though looked tired and had a painful-looking shaving rash under his chin. He talked enthusiastically about the "new songs" and actually thanked me (but I don't know what for!) He spoke in a soft, high-pitched voice, which surprised me. Fond memories indeed!"

Concert finishes with glorious jam Girls Don't Count.

Parts: one, two, three, four

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  1. The above comment was made by myself at
    I've since been told that the "shaving rash" was actually eczema
    caused by a side-effect of his epilepsy drugs.

    Can I ask if this flac version of the recording is a remaster from the original tape?