Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Joy Division - Surprise - 1979 - 320kb

Cycling down the hill to work in Zurich this morning, this song came on the Walkman.
(The Walkman in question is a S*ny NWZ-A8l8 with no radio, a battery only rechargeable via the computer, and other disadvantages too, but with brilliant headphones - the only thing that really matters!).

Hearing the song, I imagine Peter Hook tapping in a picture hook with a sledgehammer, while Bernard Sumner, on his synth keyboard, sounds at the end as if he is cutting butter with an industrial blowtorch.

Curtis sounds nicely understated, but rather cool and mildly threatening on guitar, and for once sings just a couple of lines, that little reduced by the questionable quality of the original recording to inaudibility. But it is somehow pleasing for the others in the group to shine for once...as no doubt he would happily have wished for

May I cordially invite you to download the song to "Walkpersons" and blow your senses to hell and back? This song simply pisses all over the heaviest of heavy metal!

Link: here

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