Thursday, 14 May 2009

Joy Division - Rainbow London - 9 Nov 1979 - flac

First of two nights. Second concert to follow...

I was at the Rainbow for both nights and I recollect thinking at the time that if they had not been on a stage performing in front of an audience (largely indifferent - many coming in late for Buzzcocks) they would have to have been performing somewhere just for themselves. Transmission left the biggest impression. I'd never seen anything as intense before or since despite the audience growing during the performance and being largely uninterested. They could and should have been the biggest band on the planet. Now a legend... 

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  1. Thanks for this. Do you have a recording of Transmission that was also played that gig?

  2. This is the one, I think, where at the start, a woman in the audience is shouting "Are you Joy Division? ...Are you?" as the band take the stage. Legend says that Hooky nods to her, and so when Ian says "Good evening, we're JD" she shouts back "I know!"