Friday, 1 May 2009

New Order - Walthamstow - 25 Sep 1981 - 320kb

Original audience master, really great sound quality!
Ahh... those drums during In a Lonely Place!!

01-Chosen Time
02-In A Lonely Place
03-Dreams Never End
08-Everything's Gone Green

Link: here


  1. Again

    Very good, sensational...

    Where did you get all these gigs?


  2. I'm really enjoying this one, fairly good sound quality and great tracks. Thanks for this Renko :)

  3. Brilliant Gig

    Many Thanks Renko


  4. I was at this one. It was the day before my 18th Birthday and only one bus ride home. It was promoted by Final Sollution whose Kosmo worked part time at Small Wonder records. The following day he bought into the shop a box of Everythings Gone Green 7" singles autographed by all four members of the band. I had already bouight my unautographed copy earlier that morning but Pete who owned the shop swapped it for a signed copy. Spencer

  5. Thanks very much! Can you remember how the concert was? It is as interesting to post the concerts as it is to post the memories of those people lucky enough to have been at them;-))

  6. Really sorry not to have replied sooner but I only just read your above comments. I remember two average support acts one of them was Airstrip One. I remember feeling pissed off that they hadn't played Ceremony (I was only 17 remember) but they did play tracks that I knew from the recent John Peel session. Movement was yet to be released.Of course no encore. The drum machine just played on after they had left the stage Interestingly I'm also Jewish and every other year I would would get dragged down for some boring religious ceremony that seemed to last all day to this self same hall. A few months later I went to see Bauhaus at the same hall. That appeared to be the the end of Walthamstow's venture into live music. I still pass by the place regularly.

  7. Also when a bought a tape of this gig shortly afterwards, Chosen Time was titled Death Rattle.
    Was this a working title for the track or had someone just made it up rather than just putting Untitled?

  8. Fascinating! Fancy going to the same place for purposes of religion and entertainment - that must be kind of unique!

  9. I think I know what I found more inspiring!

  10. I was there! Now I'm here