Monday, 15 June 2009

Joy Division - Hulme - 28 Sep 1979

Amazing but true: another Joy Division concert has turned up.
Whatever next?

And they were already playing 24 Hours in September 1979!
Pretty decent sound quality too, vocals amazingly clear.

Here the link.


  1. Hello, I absolutely love your blog and just wanted to thank you for all the great posts! Was wondering if you had any New Order shows from 1984/85? Thanks in advance if you do.

  2. Thanks - much appreciated!!

    Yes, I have plenty of other later New Order concerts. I will be away for many weeks in the summer, and was thinking of what to upload - perhaps I will post a few of those.

    Soon I should have a Factory documentary on New Order from 1983 - expect it shortly!!

  3. also low life tour concerts?!?!

    greetings,maaten roels

    keep up the good work!!!!!

  4. Many thanks for the great shares.....this link seems to take me through to I.Truckingblogspot every time....could you oblige and check at your end please?

  5. Hello, link amended. Just scroll down, you can find the posting towards the bottom of that page. There are a number of other goodies too.

  6. Much obliged!