Tuesday, 17 November 2009

New Order - Heaven - 9 Feb 1981 - 320kb

Concert originally posted last April in crappy quality.
This version is infinitely better, really extraordinarily
clear sound.

Sounds like the hall was empty. The recorder must have been very close to Peter Hook - his base is incredibly clear.

Soundcheck with Joy Division songs included

Highly recommended - kind of a must, really!

Link: here (155mb)


  1. LOVE YOUR BLOG.. thanks for sharing these..

    do you have these 87-88 era gigs on AVI format?

    06/10/1987 DVD(1) B+ The Hacienda (incl. Soundcheck) AUD

    06/19/1987 DVD(1) A- Glastonbury Festival AUD

    12/17/1988 DVD(1) A- g-mex,manchester

  2. thanks in advance for posting if you have those.. cheers!

  3. Hi, I have part of a file which is probably one of the concerts you mention, but the user I was getting it from has not been online for at least two weeks. Maybe it will be downloaded by Xmas......or on the other hand maybe not?

  4. I'm also looking for the LEUVEN BELGIUM 1985
    video recording.. if you have it pls..

    I think that one is professionally filmed and rare..

    thanks a lot.. great blog

  5. The Leuven concert is here:

  6. Watch HOKY is the 00:25 seconds on this clip...

    he gave that funny look when he almost fell off..


  7. thanks for a great blog! i posted a while back but its got alot better since then!
    got a request for Glasgow Barrowlands 1985, i use to have this bbc broadcast on tape but it chewed. it had the best performance ever of ceremony aswell as a great false start on age of consent! much appreciated if you could upload