Friday, 6 November 2009

New Order - Hurricane Festival -
12 Jun 2005 - 2115mb

Vast file with less than 30 minutes of film.

The format is HDTV, amazing quality and great sound.
How technology advances......

The songs filmed are:
True Faith
Love Will Tear Us Apart
Blue Monday

The clip refused to play properly with the popular
VLC player. Something called KMPlayer worked fine.

Well: far be it for me to say what people should or
should not like.
But older fans of the Division may well wilt at Albrecht
and Hook's rendition of Curtis's greatest song.........

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. Love the HD. Played ok on VLC (OS X) but had to change the audio from Italiano to English.

    Excellent (and at times painful) viewing. Shame he butchers LWTA. I saw Bad Lieutenant a couple of weeks ago. Sumner is still at it with the whistles and 'COME ON!'s throughout that song.

  2. Thanks for the comment...

    Hmm...there is a recording of Decades from London in 1984 where he also does his whoops. The synth is drop dead gorgeous, really powerful, but he does his best to spoil it.

    Hearing Hooky and Steven Morris sing, I think they simply had three people none of whom could sing. Perhaps they never really solved this issue?