Thursday, 17 December 2009

New Order - 2005 - (plus new concerts)

As an early Xmas present, here are some of the concerts the Order did in 2005.

(Additional concerts added in red)

21 Mar: Canal Plus (Video): one, two
21 Mar: Canal Plus (Audio): link (73mb)

29 Apr: Oakland (118mb): link

01 May: Coachella (67mb): link
03 May: Chicago flac (608mb): one, two, three, four
05 May: NYC flac (520mb): one, two, three
27 May: Barcelona (93mb): link
28 May: Lisbon (151mb): link

24 Jun: London flac (601mb): one, two, three, four
25 Jun: Glastonbury (52mb): link
30 Jun: Werchter BE (56mb): link

02 Jul: Turin (61mb): link
05 Jul: Carhaix flac (562mb): one, two, three, four
10 Jul: Oxegen Festival (49mb): link
14 Jul: Arvika Festival (81mb): link
31 Jul: Naba Japan (only 5 songs) (24mb): link

12 Oct: John Peel Memorial (12mb): link

14 Nov: Apollo Manchester (163mb): link


  1. I've seen Lisbon's gig May 2005; I was there when Peter Hook decided to go out stage, he came near the audience, and played his own way.

  2. I was at the Oakland\SF show in April 29, 2005 and would LOVE to be able to get that show! Anyone???

  3. Hello, just found it, see above;)

  4. I LOVE YOU! Happy Christmas!!!

  5. Err...I love you too! I think...
    Happy Xmas too:)

  6. Good stuff. Any chance at posting some of the concerts from 2001 where they trotted out Digital for a few spins?

  7. Thanks for posting the Hyde Park O2 Festival XFM broadcast. Sound quality is excellent. For anyone else annoyed by the XFM advert at the beginning of SLC, I was able to grab the advert-free audio from the Live in Glasgow DVD (which can be found on Youtube if you don't have it) and substitute it.