Saturday, 5 December 2009

New Order - Chorley - 3 Jan 1981 - 192kb

Much better version!
Thx Alex...

(Photos: Louise Friendship)

Link: better version

Link: rough version


  1. "Mesh" AND "Cries & Whispers", excellent!

  2. Would have been nice to see my name credited as photographer in these photos instead of chopping it off the bottom

    : )

    Louise Friendship

  3. I think cutting pictures is rather beyond my meagre IT capabilities, as the extraordinary blandness of the Blog can only confirm!
    Is this your name, "Louise Friendship", I would be happy to add it, please confirm, thank you.

  4. It really is my name (I got it from my husband).
    I used to live in Chorley.
    My name was Louise Ince when I took the photos. The only place I uploaded the photos was to a new order site some years ago - I think it may no longer exist. PR5 also played the gig - to confirm this go to Rex Sargeants memorial site (he died very recently) where I have posted a scan of my college folder covered spare tickets that I got from Matt Higgs. I post as Auntie Lou.

  5. Great - I have added your name, do let me know if you prefer the piccies to be removed. I have no idea where they came from, Google lists photos by the thousands......

  6. I went to this, New Order were v nervous, vocals hesitant. Remember them saying to one another, looking sheepish in the corridor of the Community Centre, 'suppose we better go on'? not really sure if they should. I was friendly with Eric guitarist in the support band, thought they were called Hangman but must have transformed into PR5 by that time, dreadful name for googling! I was in awful band called Joe 90 and the Vermin, played in some centre in Chorley supporting Hangman in 1977.

  7. Looking forward to Bestival 33 years on ........