Friday, 11 December 2009

New Order - Melbourne - 27 Nov 1982 - 580mb

28 mins of New Order playing the following songs:

1. Ceremony
2. Ultraviolence
3. Chosen Time
4. Dreams Never End
5. Truth

Video quality tending strongly towards crappy, but it's hard not to like the songs played.

 Video: Contact me
Audio: 192kb


  1. If this is the concert that I think it is (have yet to download all the rar files), then I actually rented this as a VHS Bootleg from a record shop called Skinnys in Brisbane, Australia in the early 90's.

    The video was quite rough but it really didn't matter - it was New Order and it was live (well, kind of) in Australia.

  2. Definitely the same video - thanks so very much for making this available - I've been chasing this for around 17 years (Skinnys Records apparently sold the video when I went back to re-hire it).

  3. Pleasure:) Shame the video quality is so lousy: still, the songs are pretty cute!

  4. I was there and would love to get hold of the video of that and the Palais gig from early that week. Will get in touch to see about how to do it.