Friday, 19 February 2010

New Order - Christchurch NZ - 6 Dec 1982 - flac

Fairly decent quality audience recording.

01 Your Silent Face
02 Temptation
03 Dreams Never End
04 The Him
05 Leave Me Alone
06 In A Lonely Place
07 Hurt
08 Denial
09 Age of Consent
10 Blue Monday

Parts: one, two (210mb)


  1. 'two' link does not work :-(

  2. Thanks for fixing!

  3. Thanks for this. But is it Wellington Dec. 8th or Christchurch Dec. 6th (that´s what the file says)?

  4. Hey! Great blog.

    Although just to clarify on this - New Order never played in Christchurch. This show comes from their first 1982 concert in Wellington which I believe from memory was at Victoria University. The other show being the 8th of December 1982 at Victoria University which is 70 - 80m mixing desk recording of awesome quality.

    A Dude from Aotearoa

    1. The Water Rat site says:

      08 DEC 82
      Hillsborough Hotel - Christchurch, New Zealand
      Your Silent Face, Temptation, Dreams Never End, The Him, Leave Me Alone,
      In A Lonely Place, Hurt, Denial, Age Of Consent, Blue Monday, 586

      Very weird, interesting build up at the start of Blue Monday. One question: Was 586 really played, making this show incomplete, or is that information inaccurate?