Saturday, 24 April 2010

New Order - Birmingham - 9 May 1983 - flac

Concert starts with the Order bashing out Ian Curtis's swansong, with new modern tuneless whoopy vocals and a drunken mob singing along to the chorus. Am I old, or is this all not really rather tasteless?

Parts: one, two


  1. Tasteless?
    I was there that night and the atmosphere when the opening chords of LWTUA started was electric. There were many people moved to tears.
    So yes, you are old!

  2. hello michael, i was at this gig ...the band covered lwtua as a birthday present for rob gretton, it was the first time they had ever played a joy division song live (i was standing right next to rob at the sound desk...he had a grin from ear to was an amazing gig as both the band and audience were well up for a great order always seemed to play really well at the tower did you get the doncaster rotters live cd? i posted it 10 days ago

  3. Rob Gretton was probably grinning because he'd already celebrated his birthday in January. Very cheeky of Hooky to congratulate him as late as May 9th...

  4. ooky wot a

  5. did you get the cd mike?

  6. Thanks - got it!! Will post it shortly...:)

  7. Posted to DIME by "sebbydee" on 2006-01-24.

    (NOTE: I have my doubts this is actually a first-generation source, as there are samples online that are better SQ, like here:


    Info file:


    Source: audience

    Generation: M/1

    Lineage: master tape (sony wmd6c + unknown mics probably stealth) > my tape tdk D 60 >
    analog cables > soundforge 6.0 > wav > flac level 6

    01 Love Will Tear Us Apart
    02 Age Of Consent
    03 Blue Monday
    04 Senses
    05 Truth
    06 Leave Me Alone
    07 Denial
    08 Everything's Gone Green
    09 Temptation
    10 Confusion

    Lenght: 50'57

    Story: another recording i got from CH. he was the taper on that one. i cannot provide the brand
    of the mics he used to tape the Birmingham show as he told me he was always trying different
    kind of combinations...from what i hear i bet it was some cheap aiwa or sony ones or possibly
    an okm I ??? Once again i do realise that the sound of that recording is not as good as it used
    to be 12 years ago. probably has to do with the infamous Tdk D ferro tape. i hope there isn't too
    much hiss really. Also i realised while checking this recording that the last song might be from
    another source than the main part. same dynamic but sounds darker than the beg of the tape.
    Let me know what you think of that ( i know there are NO experts in here !!)
    This show is quiet famous to be the first time NO performed JD songs. (namely LWTUA)