Thursday, 12 August 2010

Joy Division - Paris Upgrade - flac

Just found: those songs that were missing from the official release, upgraded in June of this year, and cut to fit into your purchased version of the concert.

Amazing quality: light years ahead of my vinyl bootleg version. Well worth having, to put it mildly!

Link: here (170mb)


  1. Thank you so much!
    Joy Division was one of the few exceptional groups of all time! How do I feel about Ian's suicide? I don't know, but we are left with so many exceptional tracks! What would he have done had he lived? Nobody knows....

  2. Whoooooooohoooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!


  3. Here is what it should look like once you have inserted the "NMC Add-On's" with the "Official Release".

    1. Passover - (NMC Add-On’s)
    2. Wilderness - (NMC Add-On’s)
    3. Disorder - (Official Release)
    4. Love Will Tear Us Apart - (Official Release)
    5. Insight - (Official Release)
    6. Shadowplay - (Official Release)
    7. Transmission - (Official Release)
    8. Day of The Lords - (Official Release)
    9. 24 Hours - (Official Release)
    10. Colony - (NMC Add-On’s)
    11. These Days - (Official Release)
    12. A Means To An End - (Official Release)
    13. She’s Lost Control - (NMC Add-On’s)
    14. Atrocity Exhibition - (NMC Add-On’s)
    15. Interzone - (NMC Add-On’s)
    16. Warsaw - (NMC Add-On’s)

  4. This is so very darn AAAWESOME, mate.
    One thing, though: I heard that the entire gig was broadcasted on KXLU in LA about a year ago, remastered from the best possible source, which means in better quality than the official CD:

    Did anyone record it? Any chance to get it?
    Many thanks for your great work here, see you.

  5. Hi John, I do not know about a broadcast in America. It was played on French radio on 18 May 2010, including some commentary. As a couple of studio songs are also on the recording, I cannot really post it. But it surely can be found elsewhere in cyberspace.
    Do post here if you find the recording from America.

  6. i cant believe this exist!! thanks!!!