Wednesday, 24 November 2010


A genius has found the source of the downloading problems, the links were being saved as secure (https).

(Relatively recently, Rapidshare updated its upload interface, presumably there is a connection between this and the link problems).

All the affected links have been updated.

Please leave a message if there are any more problems!


  1. Hi, just wanted to say thanks for the user who provided the solution and thanks to you for sharing this great music. I am now able to dl the JD upgrade show from Ajanta. Can't wait to here it!! Thanks!!

  2. Pleasure.
    Now I know why there have been so few downloads of the excellent Ajanta concert...

  3. What else can I say but thank you !!!

  4. Sorry but i don't understand how to use rapidshare (since last month) when you're a free user... can someone explain clearly please ????????????? THANX. J.Louis (france).

  5. Hello, here is a Youtube clip showing how to download.
    Does that help?