Sunday, 19 December 2010

New Order - University of London - 6 Dec 1985


Many thanks to the visitor who went to all the trouble of sending me the cassette of this gig.
Having gone to the trouble myself of getting a cassette walkman via ebay, the result it is fair to say of my technological efforts to convert to digital are not exactly awe-inspiring, nor did I succeed in converting the result into any other format.

So I am making the WAV files available as they are...

I also had another copy of this concert in the bowels of the PC, so that is here too.
And fortunately it is in excellent condition!

The concert starts with Atmosphere, not exactly a personal favourite, but sounds pretty good here.
Procession soon follows, a song which will always remind me of the summer of 1982.

Song listing: here


Side one: here UPDATED!
Side two: here

Better mp3: here
(192kb - 60mb)


  1. Found this on youtube last week, don't know if you'd be interesting in making a post about it:

    I find it hard to believe it has so little views! It's also so tantalising knowing that there's a full 1980 New Order concert out there in high quality with video footage!

  2. Thanks for this concert!
    But well, its the same in the both sides i think!