Tuesday, 25 January 2011

New Order - Amsterdam - 17 May 1984

This includes the missing "LWTUA", along with Decades...

Link: here (74mb)


  1. Hello ,
    I've just found this interview Annik Honoré gave :
    Very intersting.

  2. Hi!
    Mr.Joy Division and all fans

  3. hi!

    Any chances to get Royal Festival Hall 1984 or this concert in FLAC??
    I love the live versions of decades, and there are so few...


  4. Hello,i m just listening to this and it seems the songs are full of little gaps and jumps,or is it a problem with the download?
    Anyone else encountering the same problems?

  5. Yes, it seems to be quite a choppy version. Which is unfortunate, because I think the sound quality (apart from the chops) is better than the other copy (the one that's missing LWTUA).

  6. There's three different known recordings for this show...at least which have surfaced publicly.

    This one is taken from the "441" LP, or rather, the version that appears on Vol 7 of "New Order Audio Anthologies", which is heavily NR'ed. Suspect a needle drop from virgin bootleg vinyl will give better results. Likely taped by the person who put out all the Hawkeye boots, see

    The most common version, which the person above is probably referring to, is indeed complete and has voices talking at the start of Skullcrusher, and is most notable for having brief cuts between each track. This has been seeded several times to torrent sites, on STG (Sharing The Groove) in 2004 as an inferior mono transfer, and subsequently on EZT on 2005-01-12 by ukkevin1 (in .SHN format), reseeded on EZT->DIME on 2005-04-20 by ukevinl (same individual) and re-reseeded in 2007-06-15 by robertinos, transcoded to FLAC.

    A third recording showed up on 2006-01-10 on DIME, posted by WillemDeKat. This is missing all the track pauses, and has different audience chatter, and may be a bit rougher to start out with than the others. If you ever encounter this version, it'll start off with Hooky saying "Hallo Amsterdam", also has a cut (faded out) between 586 and BM. And at the end of the pre-encore break taper gets impatient and (in English) states "Let's go!".