Sunday, 27 February 2011

New Order - Bradford - 19 Mar 1984 - flac

Decent quality concert with loooong EGG medley...

1. Age of Consent
2. MEDLEY : Everything's Goen Green
3.          Temptation
4.          (extended) 586
5. Lonesome Tonight
6. Your Silent Face
7. Confusion
8. Ceremony
9. Blue Monday (a.k.a. 99 Red Balloons)
10. Face Up
11. Thieves Like Us

Parts: onetwo (198mb)

Inferior mp3 version: here


  1. Hi
    Mr. Peter Hook played live @ Casa da Música, Porto , Portugal, 26.02.2011. I was there but unfortunately I didn't record anything, because my digital's camera was "kaputt". But you can see two songs on Youtube.

  2. Originally seeded by Snotters to STG (Sharing The Groove) on 2004-06-05, reposted by davemings to DIME on 2007-06-19.

  3. I should also note that the MP3 version is actually a better-sounding recording than the FLAC source...its from a different audience recording, and should only be considered inferior because it's only available in lossy format.