Friday, 18 February 2011

New Order - Scamps Blackpool - 5 Sep 1980 - flac

Many thanks to Vincent for supplying a lossless upload of his cassette.

The version is a bit louder and clearer than the lossy version posted previously.

New Order's first recorded concert and in lossless - what more needs to be said?

1 Dreams Never End
2 Truth
3 Mesh
4 Homage
5 Sister Ray
6 Cries & Whispers
7 Ceremony (excerpt)

Link: one, two (209mb)

Posting in mp3: here
Section 25 concerts: here


  1. Thank you and Vincent for sharing this concert.
    Great stuff the early NO concerts.

  2. Here we have three great bands playing live, and yet only New Order is offered. Why are their support bands never included in these bootlegs??!! Same for Joy Division, who played live with some classic bands(A Certain Ratio, for instance). Glad to hear early New Order, yes, but I'd love to have heard Tunnel Vision and SXXV as well. Makes you wonder... Will

    1. Actually I did record Section 25 at the same time, but most of my tapes were thrown out years ago. Sorry.

  3. Bit aggressive isn't it? Support bands aren't always recorded or the tapes can be lost - there must be a million reasons - not least the fact that the blog is mainly about JD and offshoots.

    Thanks as always for the music.

  4. Can you post an MP3 version please?


  5. Hi, Ron
    If you want some Section 25's gigs, we have here:
    Enjoy it.

  6. Zwischendurch mal etwas lustiges:

  7. Danke - habe mich zu Tode gelacht!!

  8. There is only one recording known to circulate...these versions (the MP3 and FLAC versions are different digitizations) match up to what's known to be out there, but are different than the two that appeared on the torrent sites.