Monday, 7 February 2011

New Order - Sheffield - 22 Apr 1981 - flac

Well well well.....who would have thought that there are still unposted New Order concerts from 1981? Not me for sure...

The concert starts with In a Lonely Place, just perfect. Sounds like the microphone is right next to the drums...later follow Truth, then The Him. Just divine...

Rather a glorious concert, this one: raw, loud, plenty of audience chatter, errors from the band.

In other words, a real concert!

Definitely one to have...

1. In a Lonely Place
2. Chosen Time
3. Dreams Never End
4. Truth
5. The Him
6. Senses
7. Procession
8. Denial

flac: one, two (240mb)
vbr: here (67mb)


  1. Hi, all fans
    another gig:
    New Order-Madrid Boadilla del Monte Summercase Festival 14 Jul 06
    you can find here:

  2. Hi, again
    Mr. Peter Hook will be on stage at Clubbing Optimus, Casa da Música, Porto, Portugal, 26th February. I hope I will be there...

  3. VBR MP3 and FLAC versions the same, originally seeded by "waterisnat" to DIME on 2005-04-09.