Saturday, 5 March 2011

JD @ Ajanta

As was the case around a year ago, somebody has made contact about one of the concerts here. The person offered credible indicators that he was close to the remaining members of Joy Division, or their label, or both.

Apparently, the lossless WAV recording from the Ajanta, top quality and better than other versions floating around, belongs to an unnamed bootlegger - not it should be pointed out the wonderful Duncan, source of so many excellent early New Order concerts and who has seeded these over the last few years to DIME. Probably every fan of the Division owes him a fortune...!

The anonymous taper had apparently given the originals to the record company to be released as the "CD2's" on the remastered studio albums. The record company and/or band decided differently; then the concerts were leaked by somebody on the inside to the wider world, without the agreement of the taper, it goes without saying...

So that's it - that version of that concert has gone. I wonder which one will be next...

What irks a little, is the following: the first person to contact, about the Lyceum concert (now incidentally busy blog-sharing THE STUDIO ALBUMS) - gave some kind of hint that the Lyceum concert would be released in the near future - which never happened. Now the Ajanta version is gone as well. Me wonders why the group do not sit down with their tapers and figure out how to divide the spoils, then release these things commercially. Seems a shame that music just sits in record companies' vaults, when it is a piece of cake today to make things available via iTunes shop etc. Vive la digitalisation....

For me, it is only about that - that people should be able to listen to the music they most desire. Music unheard after all is not music. If it were not for digitalisation, I and no doubt many other visitors would never have heard any of the material on this site - and wouldn't we be the poorer for it?

Ah well, how about something for those who think outside the confines of the silo? Digitalisation brought me so much more than Joy Division concerts, for example an introduction to music in other languages.

1. Caucasus
2. Yugoslavia

"Prijatan dan zelim"


  1. good think i downloaded the ajanta theatre gig ... -burns to cd-. thing is, i'd happily pay money *if* the stuff on this blog, the recycle project, and so on was commercially released. but it seems more likely as time goes on, that this won't be the case. which really pisses me off to no end. stupid fucking record companies. -sigh-. wish i'd found this blog earlier than i did - then i could have downloaded the lyceum concert. if anyone has it still, please e-mail me at the following e-mail address: aidanj09 AT (@)gmail DOT (.)com -sticks finger up at record companies-.

    thanks for your continued hard work - it's appreciated more than you'll ever know.

  2. now the she's lost control post has gone. -sigh-. it's obviously beyond your control, uh, uploader.

  3. Yes..."gone yesterday, here today"...:)
    Or "here today, gone tomorrow?"