Thursday, 3 March 2011

New Order - Macclesfield - 19 Apr 1985 - flac

New Order go home. Well, Steven Morris does, at any rate.

01 As it Is When It Was
02 Love Vigilantes
03 Blue Monday 
04 Sooner Than You Think
05 This Time of Night
06 Elegia
07 Denial
08 Sunrise
09 Face Up
10 The Perfect Kiss

Excellent sound....

Parts: one, two, three


  1. Hello!
    Great blog of your´s!

    Would you like to link to my concertblog,thank you.I can link to your´s if you´d like?


    // "In Concerts I Trust..."

  2. Hi!

    Don't you know when was played the longest version of elegia (all live versions that i have round the 7 min and love this song)


  3. The longest version of Elegia is the full length version that appears on Retro CD5.

    This show was originally seeded by "davemings" on DIME on 2005-09-12. It's marked as "M2?".

  4. Many thanks for this, but there seems to be a broken file on tracks 4 and 5 when unzipped - any chance you can fix this?

  5. Hello, just downloaded it and cannot find any problem. Maybe you want to try again? Or maybe use winrar to unzip it?
    Let me know if the problem persists.