Sunday, 13 March 2011

New Order - Rome - 17 Jun 1982 - flac

Cool concert from earlier New Order days.

1 Ultraviolence (You Tube)
2 The Him
3 Chosen Time
4 Leave Me Alone
5 Senses
6 Hurt (You Tube)
7 Ceremony
8 Temptation
9 Dreams Never End
10 Denial
11 586

Loud, scratchy, enthusiastic audience. In other words, a real concert!

flac: one, two, three 


  1. Orignally seeded to DIME 2005-11-07 by "waterisnat". Not sure if the original info file was preserved, but here's what it said:

    "Here's a one-off addition to a series of seeds I did some time ago documenting New Order's track across Europe in the spring of 1982 - but not just any other addition! Drawn from the best available sources extant in the colossal and phenomenal private collections of Booomboom
    and TJ, here's New Order on the second night of the Italian leg (pun intended :) ). Tracks 1-8 are from an M1 copy of an incredible audience
    recording kindly lent to me by Booomboom. This is simply put the next best thing to being there on the night... superb. Alas, the taper's
    machine ran into a serious problem in the course of the concert: for some unknown reason, the recording level seems to have increased tremendously, as a result of which the recording quality badly deteriorates from Temptation onwards, being oversaturated and completely distorted during the final three tracks (the result being almost as bad as the circulating recording from Joy Division's concert at the Kant Kino in Berlin). Thankfully, TJ has a copy of a different, slightly inferior but still excellent audience recording on which the final tracks can be heard in all their splendour (which is doubly fortunate, as the 11-minute long encore performance of 5-8-6 cuts off abruptly halfway through on Booomboom's recording). For your aural delectation, the concert is resumed from the start of Temptation onwards from that
    source (M2)."

  2. And of course, the videos are excerpted from DVD2 of "Live In Glasgow"...which uses a soundboard recording for the audio feed.

  3. Great show! I would like to find the Bologna gig from the 21st here in lossless quality. Anyone?? Cheerio, Vinz

    1. Part 3 is a dead link! Could you please repost it? Thank you!