Thursday, 10 March 2011

New Order - San Francisco - 7 Nov 1981 - vbr

Hmm...the sun's shining, the temperature is 12 degrees, and New Order are playing in 1981 mode. Does it get better than that?

Cool concert from the golden era of New Order. Songs as follows:

1 In a Lonely Place
2 Chosen Time
3 Dreams Never End
4 Hurt
6 Senses
7 Ceremony
8 Denial
9 EGG (12 mins)

Link: here
(vbr - 92mb)


  1. News about Peter Hook, here:

  2. Hello Kids (i can say that...i'm nearly 50).Tonight was a very special one for me i was near a town called Caen (Normandy, France) 200kms from my hometown (Rennes) to see that guy on stage for the second time in my life (first one in 1985)...Peter Hook was in town to play probably one of the last date of the 'Unknown Pleasures' tour. Nearly 90 minutes (inc.2 encores/4 songs) of pleasure, souvenirs, emotions...a few tears...when i closed my eyes feeling Ian's shadow somewhere around...I listened to those songs so many times during 30 years, they're a part of me ,a part of my life. I was too young to see J.D. in Paris in 1979 but not to buy 'Transmission' in the early days of 1980. This Music probably shaped a part of my soul. Thankxxxxxx Pete to keep this Music alive, now i just hope to see the 'Closer' tour...(p.s.: not easy to translate my feelings in a foreign language...3 o'clock in the morning, i'll try to sleep...). J.Louis. (don't know where to i do it here).

  3. Not necessarily your fault, Renko, but whoever made this available to you should have preserved the info file! This was seeded to DIME on the 22th of January of this year by "bcingyou", who writes:

    "First generation audience tape obtained in trade 20+ years ago. This an alternate source to one that is more complete though this one is higher quality in my opinion. This version distinctive with audience member yelling 'fuck you' at start of Dreams Never End..."