Wednesday, 18 May 2011

In a Lonely Place

Hmm...great days for Joy Division fans...

Firstly, the much-reported Record Day 12" appears online here, with Ceremony again, but full version of In a Lonely Place. Never-before heard full-length Curtis vocals, sublime in the extreme. "Un performance shamanique et tétanisante"...

Then the already known New Order version of In a Lonely Place, with Hannett at the controls, for me an absolute pop single masterpiece and a worthy successor to Autosuggestion and Atmosphere...

Then this arrives, more JD rough versions of In a Lonely Place.

Too good to be true?

Not yet: the latter post refers scathingly to someone who has leaked even more versions of In a Lonely Place to You Tube.

Great days for Joy Division fans.....

Old arguments return: on the one hand the right of artists to their music; on the other, the wish of their fans to get to hear it. For two days I spend odd free moments listening to these wonderful songs.

Even better days for Joy Division fans...

"A-t-on jamais entendu un groupe meilleur que Joy Division?" - ask the friends at this cool blog.

Listening to Martin Hannett's amazing production of In a Lonely Place, followed then by the full JD version, with Curtis's fragile vocals, it's awfully hard to say no.

As I am writing this, Peter Hook is presumably playing Closer in Manchester. Maybe raising it from its 30-year slumber, maybe butchering it, who knows?

"Life is for living", as he once said.

And, maybe, "music is for listening"?


  1. Great day , indeed !Thank you for the musical links , thank you for giving the link to our blog too.
    Concerning Martin Hannett , I think that your blog shows how much the band was great even without him .
    Sorry for my bad english ...
    HAve a good day .

  2. Hi
    Here a new gig from Peter Hook's tour:

  3. Thanks so much for these links.