Saturday, 28 May 2011

New Order - Bedford - 21 Mar 1981 - flac

Top concert from New Order's golden age. Sound excellent.

Truly a must!

Tiny Tim
Little Dead

Little Dead
In a Lonely Place
Dreams Never End

Link: here


  1. New Order
    1981/03-21 The Boys Club, Bedford, UK

    Recorded by Duncan with a Sony TCS-310
    This is a digital copy of his master cassette


    Sony TCS-310 > TDK AD C90 cassette > Nakamichi CR-3E (no NR) > Audition >
    FLAC > Audition > Special secret sauce @ 32bit > Dither to 16 bit > FLAC


    /// SOUNDCHECK ///
    01 Tiny Tim (Doubts Even Here debut, instrumental)
    02 Little Dead (Denial, debut)
    03 Truth

    /// GIG ///
    04 Little Dead (debut)
    05 In A Lonely Place
    06 Dreams Never End
    07 Procession
    08 Truth
    09 ICB
    10 Senses
    11 Ceremony

    A cracking gig by an ever-changing New Order, still writing the songs that
    would make up their debut LP Movement. Making their debuts here (as far as
    we can tell) are Tiny Tim (soundcheck only) - which would evolve into Doubts
    Even Here once Hooky came up with the vocals and Steve sorted out the drum
    patterns, and Little Dead (eventually retitled Denial) both in the soundcheck
    and as the gig opener. The sound is stellar and the performance is excellent
    too. Love the little guitar bit Bernard carries into the Truth opening during
    the gig - it's only Hooky's bass entrance that gets the actual song going.

    Duncan adds:
    "It was a gig promoted by a guy called Dec Hickey (I think) he also followed
    NO around a lot after getting to know them here. Carried on after I stopped."

    Hope you enjoy this!

    1. The soundcheck is amazing! Thanks!

    2. Yes, your absolutely right, it was a cracking gig. The venue held quite a few people but as it was still early days for New Order there weren't many there. I knew Dec and he was excellent at arranging new bands to play at places like 'Winkles' and The Bedford Boys Club. I do remember seeing a few other know and unknown bands but I'll have to get back when I jump start my memory lol.

  2. Would love to hear this gig - but the link appears to be broken. Any chance of fixing it up again? Cheers - Adz

    1. Just type into Goggle New Order 21st March 1981 Bedford Boys Club, and you will find it all there....enjoy.

  3. I lived a 5 minute walk away from The Bedford Boys Club, and Yes, it was promoted by Dec as so much was back then in Bedford. He took me to see Simple Minds and we got in on the sound check but I don't recall asking Dec for any favour's. He was just that kind of a guy. I don't follow bands but I think I've lost count how many times I've seen New Order. I prefer the earlier gigs and smaller venues, but festivals are a must. My biggest regret is not going to see Joy Division, when I had the chance.