Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Dear visitors

A couple of Joy Division concerts from the Electric Ballroom have been removed by blogger.com owing to an apparent copyright claim.

Just to repeat - it is not the intention of this blogger to offer any material with copyright issues, no albums or released concerts are hosted, and the odd links to such sites posted by visitors have always been deleted as soon as their appearance was noticed. A person undeniably close to the group with expert knowledge of what is copyrighted and not, has been through the material: two recordings from the Lyceum and Ajanta were felt to be potential releases and removed accordingly.

The Rapidshare account is up and running: to my surprise they are now offering referral credits again (visitors who then buy a RS account of whatever sort), meaning the account should be in place definitely for the rest of this year.
That should be enough time to upload the remaining concerts I have.....and there are soon to be many more.

A visitor to the blog, Steve, has offered to provide his digitalised collection of New Order concerts and a number of scanned tickets and articles for the common good.

I will start uploading them in the next few days, in "as is" condition - let's see what goodies are unearthed.....

p.s. Should any of the RS links, downloads, not be functioning, please leave a message.

Have a nice day


  1. Why Mr. Joy Division don't reply to my e-mails?

  2. Hi, thanks for an excellent blog, with so much JD material made available. I am looking for the Electric Ballroom recording from August 31. Any idea where to get hold of that recording?

    Thanks in advance


  3. Hello Marc, the Electric Ballroom concerts were blocked or taken down at the request of the Internet Gestapo, be they the ones from Peter Hook or somebody else. I was unaware that they had been released.

  4. Joy Division, Thanks for the answer. I did not know that Electric Ballroom of August 31, 1979 was or will be released. Interesting if that is the case. Of course versions of these concerts float around abundantly. I am just looking for some better quality, that's all. So not sure why some people are so uptight about some better quality material finding it's ways to fans. That's what making music is about in the first place.