Tuesday, 7 June 2011

New Order - Auckland NZ - 4 Feb 1987 - mp3

Kindly offered by a visitor.

I have not heard Shellshock in years, not a whoop to be heard, cute pop song!

1  Paradise  
2  Shellshock  
3  Ceremony  
4  Your Silent Face  
5  Leave Me Alone  
6  Angel Dust  
7  Subculture  
8  The Village  
9  Weirdo  
10 Bizarre Love Triangle  
11 Confusion  
12 Touched by the Hand of God  
13 Sister Ray

Link: here
mp3 @ 192kb


  1. Lovely show, thanks for uploading (aah, if only there were a lossless copy). I know our host here prefers earlier era New Order, but this one is just great with a killer set list from an era where they had a lot of songs to choose from and before the time they started having a static set they played show after show.

  2. I had a look round for a lossless version, so far without success. Sooner or later.....

  3. This is a great set-- thanks so much for sharing.

    I was just getting into New Order when this show was recorded, and I would have committed crimes back then to have had a fraction of the bootlegs I've gotten over the past couple years from this site. :)