Thursday, 9 June 2011

New Order - Leeds - 27 Jan 1985 - flac

Second "Steve" upload in lossless.....

1. The Perfect Kiss
2. Love Vigilantes 
3. Sunrise
4. Sooner Than You Think
5. Lonesome Tonight
6. This Time of Night
7. Subculture
8. 586
9. Temptation
10. Face Up
11. Blue Monday
12. Age of Consent

Link: here


  1. is this a sbd recording?

  2. I recorded this show as well and it was a classic, possibly the best show of 85. Morris's drums were right up front and NO came on stage really late and it was Gillian's birthday etc etc. Barney was on top form and after the show we all ran round a shopping centre. Don't know if this is my recording and don't care just glad someone uploaded it for the world to hear.

  3. Great setlist and great sound. Thanks so much for sharing.