Monday, 27 June 2011

New Order - Manchester - 26 Oct 1981 - flac

Another great early New Order outing...

1: Cramp 
2: In A Lonely Place
3: Dreams Never End
4: Truth
5: Procession
6: Senses
7: Death Rattle 
8: Little Dead 
9: Everything's Gone Green

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  1. (Steve's note - this IS from October, not November!)

    New Order - Manchester, The Ritz - 26th October 1981 *Master*

    Following the news of New Order splitting up (again!) & subsequent deluge of mixed quality New Order seeds here on Dime, it's time to readdress the balance with New Order at their best, after all we don't need to remember them as the dodgy covers band that they have seem to become in recent years.

    I thought I'd upload a damn fine recording of the first ever New Order gig I attended. Some 25 years later I was sent this recording of the show digitised from the taper's master audience tape. I'm guessing it may well have been seeded before on STG.

    master cassette> SoundForge 6.0> WaveLab (joining/ track splitting)> FLAC frontend


    1: Cramp (aka Hurt) (instrumental version)
    2: In A Lonely Place
    3: Dreams Never End
    4: Truth
    5: Procession
    6: Senses
    7: Death Rattle (aka Chosen Time)
    8: Little Dead (aka Denial)
    9: Everything's Gone Green (Or Going Green)

    Original tapers notes:
    "A gig beset by technical problems (the lights causing a buzz audible in the PA) and in one of the coldest venues I'd ever been in...

    The drinks were overpriced, and the support band, Beach Red, played from different parts of the venue (the Bass player was in the foyer - I never did discover where the rest of them were) to us already less than enthusiastic Mancunians. New Order came on late and I came way with a dim view of this show for many years.

    In the mid 1980's, having lent this to a friend, his fresh assessment was that this was one of the great performances of the early period New Order.

    I think he was right, but you can make up your own minds now.

    No electronic fiddling, just one edit to join tracks 8 and 9 and a fade out is all the change I have made to the original tape. And Joe Y - I still think you were right!"

    Thank you to C* for his fine recording!



  2. "I'm guessing it may well have been seeded before on STG."

    What is "STG"?

    I saw them in LA (Pasadena) 11 days after this ...

  3. Hi, the first eight tracks play fine but why is EGG just 15 minutes of static. I've downloaded it twice and that's all I get.