Monday, 13 June 2011

New Order - Sydney - 14 Feb 1987 - mp3

Another 1987 antipodean concert for the visitor who appreciated the Auckland concert from the same year.

Isn't Elegia an awesome pop song?

Link: here

Artwork from the good folk here


  1. Elegia is a fantastic song and a fitting tribute for Ian Curtis. It's beautiful; wistful melancholy and bleak, yet unique amongst New Order's work, it sounds like nothing else they've ever done. I wouldn't call it a 'Pop song' though.

  2. And thank you for this one too. I remember seeing one of their 1987 shows in Sydney (not this one though) and not enjoying it at the time. Possibly because I only saw them in a bigger theatre rather than the pubs they played at in previous years.

    I love this one though, now. To think I missed them playing EGG after all those years by going to the wrong night in their 1987 tour down under.