Monday, 6 June 2011


Thanks to the generosity of two visitors, upcoming goodies include:

1. A New Order concert bootleg discovered in the user's attic, believed never to have been made available in digital format.

2. A top New Order nugget from 1981 not offered so far on this blog, lossless and with great sound quality.

3. A Joy Division concert available here for the first time in lossless format.

Should other visitors have concerts that are not in circulation, I would of course be delighted to host them here!


  1. Johnny23 says
    This Excellent Blog keeps going from Strength to Strength !!
    Thank you for the JD/NO Uploads.

  2. Hi, again, again, again ...
    Another link for New Order.
    Mr. Joy Division did you already post this?
    02-04-1987 The Galaxy - Aukland, New Zealand

  3. Glad I could help out... :)

  4. Many thanks for the 1987 Auckland link. Hope to post concerts from that year soon.
    Thx again.