Thursday, 7 July 2011

Joy Division - Band on the Wall - 13 Mar 1979 - flac

Last posting for this summer, finally sourced the lossless version of this great concert, from the world's greatest band... Shame about the distortion, but if you can blend it out, New Dawn Fades and I Remember Nothing shine through. True gems.

The Blog returns at the end of August.

Link: here

p.s. If you have any concerts not listed here, especially the lossless concerts of JD from Newcastle and the audience Birmingham ones (also the BBC Substance doc from the late 1980's), I would be very grateful to post them (note I cannot reply to any post until the blog returns).


  1. Looking forward to your return. I'm still catching up on all the recent NO posts. Thanks so much for making them easily available. Enjoy the summer break!

  2. Enjoy your holidays

  3. Have a good summer, thanks !

  4. That should have said less hiss...

  5. Above gig deleted.

  6. Taken down:

    "Dear Tina

    Hope you are well. I work for Peter Hook directly handling all his media affairs and those of the label Hacienda Records.
    It has come to our attention that a very rare joy division / warsaw recording has been uploaded to your site. We are presently investigating the source of this and are removing it from all sites.
    Could you please delete the thread below immediately, otherwise we will look to take further action.
    Hooky is fully aware of this email and we would both appreciate your swift assistance
    Kind regards, for any further queries, feel free to email

    James Masters
    Label Manager, Hacienda Records
    Head Of All Media, Fac 51 The Hacienda / Peter Hook"

  7. Hello, you might be intersted by this link :
    ( i found it here :
    Hope to see you soon !

  8. Hi next Closer tour's dates.

  9. I cant extract the JD rehearsal tapes of In a Lonely Place/Ceremony. Can you PLEASE advise me? I use Windows Media Player and filzip, which works 98 percent of the time. I want to put these demos on to a cd.Thank you very much! Cresh

  10. This has been put on DIME (2011-11-22).

    Joy Division, "Band on The Wall, Manchester, Date Unknown"

    [NOTE: Despite the date given from the this was pulled from, no precise date has ever been determined for this show, and it's suspected even the location attributed is wrong, as other sources have credited this to being an Eric's Liverpool show. Based on the song selection of versions of 'Unknown Pleasures' songs played for this show, it most likely dates to a February-March 1979 performance date

    However there may be a clue in Ian's introduction at the start of 'Day Of The Lords', as I'm just about able to make out him saying that it was his first time in *Bolton*, which would precisely date this to 1979-02-10, making it the earliest known full Joy Division audience best, this is a tentative conclusion, and it's entirely reasonable for there to be disagreement on this point. Anybody with any further information is more than welcome to make that known!

    This digitization was provided by "josefk" and appears at]

    The following notes are from Josef:

    Denon DX3 c60 (M?) > Nak Dr3 > Adcom GCA-510 > Audiophile 24/96 (at 24/44.1) > Peak 4LE > dithering to 16/44.1 > minor EQ to damp down hiss > Flac 6

    Sam recently seeded a 2009 re-transfer of his copy of this recording, It was provided to Sam as a tape and he'd had a go at tweaking his original seed back in 2004. His 2009 seed was presented exactly as it rolled off the tape.

    To my ears it sounded quite processed at some point in it's lineage. I dug out my old tape copy and, while it's still the distorted mess we've all grown accustomed to, it sounded cleaner - more acoustically natural. This is especially so if you listen to the talking and clapping between songs with headphones on. There's some clear stereo separation with individual noises occurring around the taper/ listener. All in all, and while it's still a poor recording, you do at least feel you are in the hall listening to the band. By comparison, I thought Sam's 2009 seed sounded very 'flat' and distant?

    I think that EW was the source of my tape as the inlay card is in his typical typing style and it's on a Denon cassette which he favoured at some point. There's a fade in at the start of 'Walked" and side a cut's out in the middle of 'Insight". Side 2 gives the full version of "Insight". There's a fade out on the end of 'Sister Ray".

    My tape has some hiss which I have very selectively pulled out at the 7.16 khz mark. Other than that I have done no more to this. For comparison purposes I've included a track 11 with the hiss exactly as it features on my tape. It's the end of Shadowplay and start of New Dawn Fades, with the much discussed audience (taper?) chatter in between songs. Again, I think this sounds very natural and unprocessed.


    Anyway, both Sam and i would love to know your verdict on this one!



    01 Walked In Line (3:02)
    02 She's Lost Control (4:00)
    03 Shadowplay (4:01)
    04 New Dawn Fades (5:02)
    05 Day Of The Lords (4:53)
    06 Insight (3:26)
    07 Disorder (3:16)
    08 Only Mistake (4:18)
    09 I Remember Nothing (7:06)
    10 Sister Ray (4:25)

    Total 43:35

    11 BoTW_sample (w/o filtering) (1:26)

    Note: the 2009 version referenced appeared privately on a site that doesn't exist anymore.

  11. It has been taken down...